Restharrow root extract

Skin whitening agent
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Restharrow (Ononis spinosa or Rest Harrow) is said to have been used to make the crown of thorns at the crucifixion. The flower is like sweet pea, but the plant has rough, woody leaves and thorns.

Rest Harrow is an ethnomedicinal plant known in Ancient Greece, where it was used to cure delirium. The wild herb was believed to have such strong powers that the stone would dissolve if placed upon a rock.

Dried roots of Rest Harrow known as “Ononidis Radix.”  In traditional medicine, it has been used for sooting remedies in various skin conditions, including itches, wounds, burns, and eczema.

Rich in phenolic acids, flavonoid glycosides, Restharrow root extract, it has potent antioxidant properties, protecting skin from free radicals and preserving UV-induced photoaging.

Ononis spinosa extract has antibacterial and antifungal activities, and it showed significant anti-biofilm potential during scientific studies. It also inhibits several enzymes, including tyrosinase, an essential enzyme in melanin production, so Rest Harrow extract is a potent skin whitening agent.

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Ononis Spinosa Root Extract

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