Carbomers are acrylic polymers used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, or thickener in skincare formulations. Its viscosity-building effect makes it suitable for use as a co-stabilizer in skincare applications, while its crystal clear appearance also makes it ideal for use in hair gels.

In addition, carbomer has good tolerance to electrolytes and can even be used in formulations with low pH-values (AHA, DHA, whitening), as its efficacy range is from 4 to 12. It is also very resistant to high levels of ethanol or aminopropanol (up to 75 %), supporting the development of bactericide hand gels with a pleasant smooth after-feel.

With sodium polyacrylate, the carbomer exhibits interesting synergistic properties, a fresh quick-breaking effect balanced by the cushion, and very low-cost solutions to future gel cream, cream, and lotion formulations.