Sodium polyacrylate

Emulsion stabilizer
Film-forming agent
Skin conditioning
Viscosity controlling agent
CAS Number(s)

Sodium polyacrylate is a polymer with high sensorial precision. It enables maximum accuracy in the composition of skin care formulations, facilitates good spreadability, and leaves behind a highly light and pleasant skin feel.

It is a free-flowing, fully active white powder offers greater formulation flexibility. In addition, sodium polyacrylate makes oil-free systems possible, providing high solids content for higher efficiency.

All application profiles can be accurately formulated, from face creams to lotions to sprayable systems. The sensory characteristics of an emulsion can be adjusted even to achieve the lightest feel. With Sodium polyacrylate, the usual amount of consistency giving factor and emulsifying agent can be reduced as required or even totally replaced - the formulation even works without any additional emulsifier. Furthermore, Sodium polyacrylate can be cold-processed - which contributes to improving production efficiency. Its fine gel structure ensures optimal stability of the formulation at all temperatures, and, additionally, its flexibility regarding the type of emollient used is a great advantage. 

Last but not least, Sodium polyacrylate is excellent in terms of cost-efficiency because it does a great job even at low concentrations, hitting the "target" with maximum accuracy!

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