BeauPlex™ VH

Human hair is affected by many external factors – weather conditions, UV radiation, hot blow drying, and mechanical damage are only some examples. In addition, hair is often treated with strong chemicals, especially by bleaching, dyeing, or perm weaving.

The appearance of hair is additionally influenced by internal factors such as the general health condition and proper functioning of the human biological systems. Therefore, finding effective solutions for healthy hair is a relatively complex task.

In order to support the search for such effective and healthy solutions, BeauPlex™ VH has been developed by DSM Nutritional Products. As the leading supplier of vitamins and other nature-identical ingredients for nutritional and personal care products, we believe in a holistic approach. As a unique hair care complex, BeauPlex™ VH has been designed for use in shampoos, conditioners, styling products, hair dyes, and tonics, but may be used in skin care products as well.

Its well-balanced composition of various vitamins provides the ideal biological activity for personal care and cosmetic formulations. This active compound provides nourishment to the scalp. It moisturizes and strengthens damaged and undamaged hair while energizing and activating the cells.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Hair growth stimulator
Hair conditioning

BeauPlexTM VH is a dry powder, which is easily dispersible in water. It is simple to handle in any formulation, which contains a water phase. Additional positive effects in your personal care and cosmetic products can be achieved by combining this compound with other actives, such as D-Panthenol, the Parsol UV filters, Phytantriol, and ROPUFA oils. All ingredients provided by DSM Nutritional Products are completely safe and their high quality and efficacy are proven by the manufacturer.