Men’s skin is naturally thicker and more resilient than women’s skin, but it is also treated more roughly. Men often use products that are not completely suited to men’s skin and are exposed to UV- radiation during outdoor activities.

Men’s skin especially undergoes a lot of stress during shaving. It is therefore no surprise that men complain mainly about skin dryness and high sensitivity skin, especially on the shaving areas, i.e. the cheeks, the chin, and the neck. These areas can be hyper-reactive towards environmental stress, which results in the local appearance of redness.

Anasensyl® aims to bring comfort and soothing to men’s skin, to improve its tolerance against the main daily aggressions or simply to fulfill its right to be and feel well cared for. It is a synergistic botanical complex, that brings a total answer to male skin sensitivity.

More than a “traditional” anti-inflammatory active (providing an immediate soothing effect), it acts as a true pro-active product. When applied daily as a basic treatment, Anasensyl® increases the skin’s tolerance and reinforces its self-defense capacity.

Several tests were specifically selected in order to confirm its soothing and protective activity against the various aggressions that men’s skin is regularly subjected to shaving, UV-radiation, and unsuited cosmetic products...

The results of a clinical study on 28 male volunteers shaving daily are convincing. The intensity of redness after shaving significantly decreases after regular applications of an after-shave balm containing Anasensyl®. This improvement is directly correlated to the duration of the treatment: +38% after 7 days and +67% after 14 days.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Ammonium Glycyrrhizate
Zinc Gluconate