Granlipid RSC

Regeneration booster

Granlipid RSC is a unique extraction process utilizing a proprietary solvent system for the extraction of glycolipids from crushed barley grain. The extraction procedure uses no organic solvent.  This innovative extraction procedure utilizes filtration, differential solubility, and heat extraction to optimize the efficiency of the process in order to provide a more economical means of obtaining high-purity phyto-sphingolipids.

Granlipid RSC contains between 3 to 6% cerebrosides along with a small amount of protein and fatty acids.  The remainder are nonpolar hydrocarbons, phospholipids, and phytosterol.

Granlipid RSC has been shown to stimulate the growth of epidermal cells comparable to the effects seen with retinyl palmitate.  Epithelial cell cultures were grown in supplemented MEM.  During exponential growth, media was supplemented with various concentrations of Granlipid RSC or retinyl palmitate.  At 0.1% retinyl palmitate increased epithelial growth rates by more than 80% while at 0.05%  Granlipid RSC increased rates by more than 140%.

Using a standard skin cell renewal assay (5% dansyl chloride in petrolatum) we observed that 0.5% Granlipid RSC in an inert vehicle increased the skin cell renewal rate by 25%.  This rate is the optimum amount one would like to see to deliver long-term skin anti-aging effects.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Long-Term Clinical Efficacy Test

Ten subjects with dry skin and showing visible signs of aging, applied 2% Granlipid RSC twice a day for four weeks.  At various times throughout the study test subjects were evaluated for a number of changes in skin condition.  The results were as follows:

Skin firmness evaluated by ballistometry, increased by 41% after 4 weeks of treatment.  A 17% increase was observed after only 2 weeks.

Shave biopsies were taken at the start and finish of the study.  Sections of the stratum corneum were stained with oil red to highlight lipids and the results indicated an 86% increase in skin structural lipid content after the four weeks of treatment.

We also observed that dryness on test subjects decreased by more than 30% after 4 weeks, and superficial lines and wrinkles decreased by more than 25%.


Granlipid RSC  is supplied as a non-aqueous solution rich in phytoglycolipids (cerebrosides), triglycerides, fatty acids, hydrocarbons, and phytosterols.  The composition is very similar to that of human epidermal lipids.


Utilizing cell culture tests (EyetexTM, neutral red, etc.) Granlipid RSC was shown to be safe for skin and eyes at concentrations of 20%.

Human tests with prototype formulas using Granlipid RSC at 20% showed no irritation, sensitization, or eye irritation.

Standard 21-day R.I.P.T. has been done on 50 subjects to demonstrate its biological safety.  In the induction phase, only a few transient and mild reactions were observed indicating that Granlipid RSC is non-irritating.  In the challenge phase, no sensitization reactions were observed indicating that Granlipid RSC is a non-sensitizer.

Cosmetic Use

Granlipid RSC can be used in any emulsion of oil-containing products.  Its suggested use level is from 1-5% and it should be added to the oil phase.   Temperatures in excess of 80°C should be avoided for any length of time.