Lamesoft® PO 65

Fats are lost from the skin each time a cleansing product is used. Therefore, refatting agents should be a key component of shower gels and bubble baths. In addition, the skin's physiology includes glands such as the sebaceous gland. The lipids in the sebaceous gland contain significant unsaturated fatty acids and glyceride esters.

Because LAMESOFT® PO 65 is a glyceride ester of the unsaturated oleic acid, its use in a surfactant cleansing product helps restore the natural lipid content on the skin. However, consumers demand milder products and leave the skin clean and healthy. Reducing skin irritation while retaining effectiveness is a challenge for all formulators. LAMESOFT® PO 65 is an effective ingredient for formulators because, even in small quantities, this ingredient significantly reduces the irritation potential of body cleansing formulations.

Improving the moisturizing effects and mildness of body cleansers is essential, but not at the expense of good foaming. LAMESOFT® PO 65 retains foam and conditioning properties in addition to its moisturizing benefits. Test results clearly show this effect in skin softness and elasticity, as demonstrated via torsion measurements. In addition, it is a very mild ingredient, and products can be used daily without irritation.

Haircare ingredient

Its addition to an anionic shampoo system promotes an improvement in wet combability - an essential criterion for conditioners and conditioning shampoos. In addition, the unique properties of LAMESOFT® PO 65 make it ideal for inclusion in hair care formulations for ethnic, straightened, or chemically treated hair.

Ethnic hair often requires softening to achieve desired styling results. Shampoos and conditioners using LAMESOFT® PO 65 impart that softness while replenishing hair and scalp oils. It also adds an attractive sheen to the hair.

Because chemically treated and straightened hair may be quite damaged, shampoos for this type of hair should be carefully formulated not to cause further damage or drying. The inclusion of LAMESOFT® PO 65 will result in a shampoo that provides moisturization and replenishment of hair and scalp oils that may have been removed during the treatment process.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Ingredient products

MBR® Medical Beauty Research
MBR® Medical Beauty Research

What are the benefits of LAMESOFT® PO 65?

Fats are lost from the skin each time a cleansing product is applied. For this reason, refattening substances are essential components of shower gels and bubble baths, and similar products. This complex helps to support the restoration or retention of the original lipid content of the skin. Other benefits include:

  • Contains no nitrogen
  • Based on vegetable raw materials
  • Cold-processable
  • Contains nonionic alkyl-glycoside-based dispersant
  • No added preservatives
  • Biodegradable
  • Improved dermatological compatibility
  • Viscosity-increasing properties
  • Foam stabilizer
  • It can be used in clear and pearlescent formulations