Glyceryl Oleate

Glyceryl oleate (also known as glyceryl monooleate) is an ester of glycerin and oleic acid, in skincare formulas, acts as a skin lipid layer enhancer. Skin loses some of its protective lipids every time it is washed. As a result, it can become dry, flaky, and even cracked in the worst case. Glyceryl oleate restores lost lipids to the skin and keeps hair from drying out.

Glyceryl oleate is a part of the natural lipids found in the human skin and, as an ingredient, plays a key in lipid layer enhancement. It is naturally sourced from sunflower oil exhibits excellent skin compatibility while containing no preservatives.

Its protective properties can be used to enrich a wide variety of body care products, such as shower gels, bubble baths, and shampoos, as well as facial and baby cleansing preparations. Moreover, it perfectly balances surfactant action such as coco-glycoside with excellent mildness and foaming attributes.