Ovaliss™ is a complex ingredient that visibly reduces the double chin and reshapes the facial contours. To fight against signs of aging and obesity touching people living in developed countries, Sederma launched an innovative product Ovaliss™ that counteracts the appearance of a double chin.

Ovaliss™ is a complex of natural compounds that decreases the thickness of fatty tissue. It lessens the double chin, noticeably reshaping the face contours. Indeed, like any other part of the body, the chin is prone to laying down fat, therefore the most common reason for getting a double chin is too much fat being stored below the jaw. Thanks to its properties, Ovaliss™, permits a reconstruction of the skin’s support tissue by adipose tissue reversion.

Sederma led a clinical study on 25 female volunteers, who applied twice daily on the chin an emulsion containing 2.5% OVALISS™ for 56 days. Thanks to the FOITS technique, a reduction of double chin volume was measured by up to 10.4% for the first quartile and a significant decrease in the fold of fat was noticed for 64% of volunteers. By echography, the thickness of fatty tissue was measured and significantly decreased for 88% of volunteers. Furthermore, after 56 days, the fat layer was reduced by up to -7.7% for the first quartile.

Active ingredients (or INCI)