Cellulite is a common term used to describe the accumulation of fat, fluids, and toxins that have been trapped deep in the skin below the epidermal layer, creating a waffled or "orange peel" appearance to the skin. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite isn't associated with obesity, since it may occur in overweight, normal, and thin women.

Bodyfit™ is a complex ingredient developed of swap cellulite for firmness and reconstruction of the skin's support tissue by adipose tissue reversion.

Bodyfit™ is a multi-functional natural substance capable of:

  • regulating pre-adipocyte differentiation
  • stimulating lipolysis

The level of lipids in the adipocyte is reduced and the adipose tissue is progressively replaced by a tissue presenting fibroblastic characteristics with contractile properties.

After just a few weeks of treatment, the skin is noticeably smoother and svelte. Bodyfit™ visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite, while contributing to an improvement in drainage and water distribution throughout the tissue. As cellulite diminishes, skin firmness is restored.

Bodyfit™ received an HBA - Cosmetics&Toiletries Technology Award in 2006.

Active ingredients (or INCI)