Oxygen complex® LS

What is the similarity between skin and muscles? Both are involved in energy production. Energy production is most efficient under aerobic conditions, thus, in order to obtain optimal energy production both muscles and skin cells must be correctly supplied with oxygen.

If oxygen is not supplied or used correctly, the anaerobic pathway of energy production predominates, resulting in a poor energy yield and the release of toxins. In muscles this results in fatigue and soreness, as most of us have probably experienced for some time. In the skin, this results in a decrease in the respiratory quotient, which leads to a decrease in cell metabolism. As a consequence, the skin cells cannot perform their different functions in an optimal way anymore.

A decrease in the respiratory quotient and a reduced cellular metabolism are also characteristic of aging skin. In order to boost cell vitality and counteract the age-related decrease in cellular metabolism, the energy production of the cells needs to be stimulated. To optimize energy production we can hire a personal coach and train our muscles, but what about our skin?

Oxygen complex® is a synergistic complex of a yeast extract, marine glycogen, and a vitamin C derivative, that has been specially developed to ‘coach’ the skin into optimizing energy production. However, when increasing oxygen consumption there is always a risk that more reactive oxygen species (ROS) are released.

Oxygen complex® LS has been shown to stimulate cell metabolism and boost the aerobic pathway by optimal use of available oxygen, without increasing the release of ROS. With Oxygen Complex efficient cellular metabolism is restored, the age-related decrease of metabolic activity is counter-acted and the skin’s youthful energy is recovered.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract
Energizing agent