Tapioca starch

Sensory Modifier
Viscosity controlling agent
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Tapioca starch is naturally derived from the roots of Manioc (Manihot esculenta), a unique water-soluble ingredient that can absorb oils and fragrances in a powder form but readily disperses them in warm water. As a result, it is a very lightweight white powder that is very useful in cleansing applications, especially in the bath.

Providing a soft feel to the bath water and other preparations, Tapioca starch improves the sensory profile and leaves the skin feeling conditioned and soft. Besides absorbing the oils, it fixes fragrance while enhancing the texture and flow of the product.

Another advantageous feature is a low density, one ounce (by weight) of Tapioca starch will fill an eight-ounce (by volume) measuring cup; a pound will fill 16 measuring cups. Thanks to oil carrying ability, Tapioca starch is also used in powder (anhydrous) formulations for oil control and release of ingredients immediately after contact with water.

In addition, Tapioca starch is an ideal natural replacement for mineral talc (talcum). It is used in a wide range of personal care formulations, from aerosols and micellar waters to powder and creamy consistencies. It immediately dissolves in lukewarm water without leaving a film on the skin surface while reducing greasiness.
Starch, Tapioca

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