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Lipase is an enzyme belonging to the class of hydrolases. The hydrolases insert the components of a water molecule, H and OH, at the level of a specific substrate bond, determining the cleavage of the bond itself. Sometimes this is a reversible reaction, but usually, it is not. The class of hydrolases is an extensive enzyme class including important subclasses, among which is the subclass of esterases, enzymes hydrolyzing the ester link between one acid and an alcohol.

Lipase hydrolyzes triglycerides, components of fats, into free fatty acids and glycerin (glycerol). The enzyme is characterized by very wide substrate specificity and good stability to pH and temperature to provide lipolytic action, catalyzing the cleavage of most of the ester links in fats and reducing them to small molecules easily soluble.

Eliminating excess sebum, oils, and impurities at low concentrations, Lipase provides gentle deep cleansing while mattifying and improving appearance. It is a perfect ingredient for applications aiming at cleansing seborrheic skin, where the overproduction of sebum and following clogging of the pores, irritation, and inflammation.

Breaking down triglycerides, obtained fatty acids act as secondary surfactants and glycerin as a moisturizer, providing additional benefits and naturally purifying effects. Combined with proteolytic enzymes, it boosts their action; therefore, it is included in the enzymatic complex Zymo Clear MD with dual clarifying and exfoliating action.
Pancrelipase Lipase
Rizolipase [USAN:INN]