Jojoba esters

Jojoba wax esters are a product of processing the plant. The Jojoba plant bears small, pressed fruit, much like olives, to obtain the oil.  Interestingly, the higher the level of processing, the poorer the quality or benefit is gained from the wax ester. In addition, the higher the level of processing, the lighter the wax becomes.

Jojoba's wax esters cannot bond with other atoms or molecules, nor does it readily bond with oxygen - giving it an extensive shelf. As a result, skincare products with Jojoja will last longer and contribute to the skin's natural balance and youthfulness.  

Golden Jojoba is a virgin product pressed for outstanding purity and integrity.  Cosmetics that contain golden jojoba are often slightly yellower than white-based creams and cosmetics.  It is not uncommon for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to opt for white jojoba for their product's base because they seek a whiter wax.  This option might seem like a good idea, but in fact, the result is a product that offers a much more inferior skincare result.