Cosmoferm-Mix III

COSMOFERM® Mix III is an oil-soluble complex based on Ceramide III that imparts more firmness to the skin tissue around the lips. It is suitable for all skin types, but depending on the type of skin, it leaves desired effect, replenishing the lipid barrier and improving moisture-retention ability.

Produced using a patented bio-fermentation process, Ceramide NP is a skin-identical sphingolipid, thus, suitable for sensitive, irritated, or dry skin, providing long-lasting protection, boosting regeneration, and lessening transdermal water loss.

There are a lot of pseudo-ceramides on the market, which are chemically similar to natural ceramides but have different stereochemical structures. That makes those ingredients ineffective or even useless. The ceramides made unique bio-fermentation process have the exact stereo-chemical structure as the human skin ceramides, so this crucial factor makes COSMOFERM® Mix III a perfect ingredient that provides optimal performance and effectiveness.


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