Emulium™ Delta

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Emulium™ Delta is a sensorial oil-in-water emulsifier designed to solve the problems of formulations with an extreme pH or contain active ingredients challenging to formulate while keeping in mind that these formulas must feel good and attractive to the skin. Emulium™ Delta Delta gives them a soft, velvety feel and extreme stability that is ideally suited for the “mature skin type” segment, which often requires multiple actives and increased coverage.

It has been found that liquid crystals tend to appear in Emulium™ Delta-based emulsions, whether stabilized or not, with a texturing agent. Halfway between solid and liquid (a mesomorphic state), these liquid crystals result from a specific molecular structure that appears in certain conditions. Furthermore, it is established that the presence of structures of this kind within an emulsion can modify its specific physical properties: Viscosity and stability increase through the action of the Van der Waals forces (a reduction of coalescence and creaming phenomena is observed). Furthermore, because the crystals hold water, Emulium™ Delta-based formulas are thought to naturally protect the skin from dehydration, a bonus for all formulations!

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