UTMF Ceramide III

Barrier enhancer
Hair conditioning
Hair repair

UTMF is an Ultra Thin Molecular Film that ensures the stabilization of the molecule against oxidation and enhances cutaneous absorption of active ingredients through the epidermis. The particular rheology of molecular films permits the extension of monolayers of functional ingredients on the skin that spread very well on the epidermis, favoring cutaneous occlusivity and absorption of the active ingredients.

Obtained under microfluidizing conditions, UTMF exhibits, apart from the benefits inherent to the actives themselves, a significative moisturizing profile demonstrated through TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss) techniques.

Ceramides are sphingoid bases linked to long-chain fatty acids. Thanks to the encapsulation of Ceramide NP, UTMF Ceramide III replenishes the skin's lipid barrier. Incorporated in hair care applications, it repairs and protects hair fibers.

Of natural origin, Ceramide 3 reinforces the natural lipidic barrier in dried and aged skin and provides an immediate and long-lasting hydration effect on the skin. On hair care, it repairs and protects damaged hair from external insults, improving mechanical properties, easing combing, and exposing shiny appearance.
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