Ascorbyl (Vitamin C) Glucoside

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Vitamin C Glucoside knew as Ascorbyl-2-Glucoside is a derivative of ascorbic acid combined with glucose. Entering skin it turns into free Vitamin C and glucose. These two are vital for normal functioning and well-being for all human cells, especially dermal cells. Glucose consumed by cells as an energy source. Vitamin C is a superstar among vitamins and other ingredients. It provides a broad spectrum of benefits for the skin. It is an outstanding antioxidant, which effectively guards the skin against hostile sun damage neutralizing free radicals.

L-ascorbic acid also stimulates the synthesis of collagen, the most known protein of the skin. The boost of collagen quantity leads to the reinforcement of skin structure, increased hydration, and elasticity. Also, Vitamin C contributes to dermal tissue recovery and anti-inflammatory processes.

By this point, you probably guessed that L-ascorbic acid is a true treasure for dermal health. So why do we need its derivative Ascorbyl Glucoside to be included in skincare products?  The trick is in its advanced stability prolonging the sell-life and increased ability to penetrate skin layers. It is a flawless form of vitamin C. It showcases all the benefits of pure L-ascorbic acid, yet it does not deteriorate over time and pass through the skin barrier in larger amounts. All these stellar properties make Vitamin C Glucoside the ingredient of choice in all anti-aging, wrinkle diminishing creams and serums.                 

It also eliminates hyperpigmentation and evens the tone. The skin is smoother, brighter, and younger.
Ascorbyl Glucoside

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