Mala’Kîte™ (Malachite extract)

Symbol of creativity and sacred stone in ancient Egypt, Malachite was worn by pregnant women to protect their pregnancy. The shamans attributed it detoxifying, tissue healing, and energy harmonizing benefits. The technique was developed by Native Americans who heated volcanic rocks and placed them on the body to transfer their energy to the various organs. These elements offer a range of cell-protecting properties to assist our skin in its fight against intrinsic or environmental stress

Mala'Kîte™ is a mineral extract from Malachite that optimizes the cutaneous cell natural antioxidant defense system. It boosts the glutathione reductase activity, the enzyme of glutathione regeneration, reduced during the Hydrogen Peroxide elimination. Produced by the liver, glutathione is the main antioxidant of the organism; thanks to its ubiquity, it can stop scavenger damage in all the organism tissues.

A liquid stone extract is a bioavailable oligo-element complex that contains essential copper with natural blue color and protects skin and hair with potent antioxidant and detoxifying effects.

The malachite extract also has a direct action on free radicals. Tested in vitro, it traps superoxide radicals: a double efficacy for the cells. Moreover, with this mineral antioxidant, the skin also develops its own protective system to fight against free radicals: enzymes.