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Mica is a hydrous aluminum potassium silicate mineral. The mica particle is a platelet, which has the appearance of pages in a book from side to side. To retain the maximum benefit of the mica platelet, it is necessary to delaminate it while reducing its size.

Mica is wet ground in chaser mills, which preserves the integrity of the particle surface and keeps it free from scratches and defects. This, in turn, gives the mica a superb refractive index and high light reflectance. In addition, the mica has a very high aspect ratio which is the single most important contributing characteristic to mica quality.

Mica is chemically and physically similar to talc and is used in many personal care products, including pressed powders, body powders, liquid makeup, lipstick, and nail lacquers. The wet grinding process exhibits a perfect sheen, imparts a pearlescent effect, and is transparent.

Thanks to the UV spectrum reflecting property, Mica protects skin from damaging exposure, preventing photoaging. This ingredient is also available with a hydrophobic surface treatment. In addition, it allows for high levels in powder formulations (anhydrous systems) along with improved slip and skin adhesion.

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MBR® Medical Beauty Research
MBR® Medical Beauty Research
MBR® Medical Beauty Research
MBR® Medical Beauty Research
MBR® Medical Beauty Research
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