Stearyl Alcohol

Emulsion stabilizer
Viscosity controlling agent
Foam booster
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Stearyl alcohol is a saturated aliphatic fatty alcohol of non-animal (botanical) origin. It performs various functions in the pharmaceutical and skin care industries; its use is not limited exclusively to topical administration. It is widely used to emulsify, stabilize and opacify emulsions.

Fatty alcohols are crystalline in nature, allowing them to be used as structural agents. In addition, they confer bodying properties to emulsions, giving them better density and improved viscosity. In doing so, Stearyl alcohol enhances both the aesthetics and the application properties of the emulsion. In topical dosages, it acts as emollients and imparts a dry, velvety feel to the skin.

Stearyl alcohol is also used in anhydrous and low moisture systems such as absorption bases, which aids in water absorption. It also aids in the formation of stick products such as lip balms and antiperspirants.

Since Stearyl alcohol is a wax-like substance, it can be used to modify the melting characteristics of products, including suppository bases. Additionally, the waxy nature of this fatty alcohol acts as a barrier retarding water penetration, which is helpful in the production of controlled release tablets and pellets. Lubricating properties are also attributed to the wax-like nature of the Since Stearyl and may provide additional benefits during manufacturing or to the final products.

It is widely used in the hair care industry as a conditioning agent in cream-type rinses and conditioners. When used in cream rinse conditioners, fatty alcohol deposits on the surface of the hair's cuticle, replenishing the lipid content of the hair and providing lubricity. The hair is restored to a more hydrophobic state. This de-wetting and lubrication action on the hair's surface makes wet combing easy and detangling possible.

Alcohol Stearylicus
Stearyl Alcohol

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