Spirulina extract

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Spirulina is an alga that is cultivated and harvested in special water farms (it is not a seaweed) in subtropical regions (Hawaii, California, Thailand, Taiwan, India, and China). The Spirulina algae can only prosper in highly alkaline water (pH-value of approx. 9 - 11). The only regions in which the Spirulina algae is growing wild are Lake Chad in Africa and Lake Texcoco in Mexico.

Spirulina is a blue-green alga of spiral structure, one of the smallest alga in the world. The cultivation is done in commercial water tanks of little depth in order to provide always good sun insolation. The ideal temperature is 30-35°C and sunshine is mandatory for good growth.

The crop takes place after approx. a week of growth when about 2/3 of the algae water is pumped off. Then a pre-filtering is made with which the alga are separated, flushed, and then spray-dried. Spirulina is used for foods (provisioning vitamins, minerals, and trace elements), fish fodder, health food, and cosmetics.

Spirulina contains 50-70 % protein. It also contains beneficial compounds for skin care such as all major amino acids (NMFs), the most important vitamins (especially Vitamin B12), as well as ß-carotin (provitamin A) and minerals. Spirulina extract nourishes skin with essential microelements and vitamins, protects from free radicals and oxidative stress, and hydrates enhancing water-binding ability and reducing transdermal moisture loss.

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Spirulina maxima extract
Arthrospira Maxima