Spirulina Amino Acids

Hair conditioning
Skin conditioning

Spirulina Amino Acids is an amino acid complex derived by the hydrolyzation of protein from Spirulina platensis cyanobacterium. Spirulina is an aquatic and edible blue-green plant that contains the essential fatty acid g–Linolenic Acid (GLA) as a major fatty acid, as well as other n-6 fatty acids which it is thought to synthesize.

Spirulina Amino Acids is an all-natural moisturizing complex from renewable botanical sources. It is also known under the trade name Hydrolina AA.

Like other plant-derived hydrolizates, Spirulina Amino Acids is a substantive ingredient to hair and skin. Amino acids and small peptides easily penetrate and moisturize the skin and hair from within, acting as an NMFs (natural moisturizing factor).

Hydrolina AA