Cetearyl alcohol

This fatty alcohol produced from plant oils and natural waxes is used as an emulsifier, emollient, thickener, and carrying agent. Cetearyl alcohol is a waxy solid, a mix of Cetyl and Stearyl alcohols (with respectively 16 and 18 carbon atoms) without a drying effect. In specialized applications, it can serve as a foam booster, opacifying agent, and rinse-out skin and hair conditioning ingredient.

Cetearyl alcohol is a white waxy substance that provides a creamy texture and prevents oil and water from separating. It combines two fatty acids made from natural raw materials such as coconut and palm oil sauced from organically grown sustainable palm oil. This ingredient also can be used as a primary structural surfactant in deodorants and antiperspirant sticks.

It is a universal consistency regulator suitable for water- and oil-based preparations as well as anhydrous formulations. Readily biodegradable, Cetearyl alcohol is an eco-friendly ingredient sourced from renewable natural materials, certified by Ecocert, Halal, and Kosher, and suitable for vegan-orientated products.