Cromollient™ SCE

Skin conditioning

Approved for use in Europe, Cromollient™ SCE is a patented 100% active alkoxylated di-ester emollient that is both 'hydro-active' and surfactant-friendly. It is ideal for cleansing skin and hair care products like clear body washes, liquid soaps, facial cleansers, moisturizers, and shampoos.

In a blind performance test conducted by Croda, Cromollient™ SCE was rated the overwhelming choice by panelists who evaluated the wet and dry feel of a body wash containing the ingredient. It can also be used as a presolubiliser for hair dyes. Cromollient™ SCE is water dispersible, surfactant soluble, and works well in transparent systems where it provides silky emollience. In addition, it can be of immense benefit in the formulation of baby shampoos, as it gives formulators an ideal means of keeping baby's delicate hair more snarl-free.

Cromollient SCE protects from the irritation of typical surfactants to eliminate worries about contact between the cleansing agent and the skin. And in some applications, it has been shown to boost the cleansing power when added to the formulation. Better cleansing in a more gentle form – ideal for convenience and safety!

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