Hair Growth Delayer

Hair growth inhibitor

Unwanted hair growth is a condition that affects millions of people. The medical term hirsutism can occur in both women and men without discrimination and is caused by follicles that are overly sensitive to male hormones (called androgens). Abnormally high levels of testosterone can also cause it. Whatever the cause may be, the effect on one´s self-esteem is usually very negative.

Hair Growth Delayer is an aqueous sub-microdispersion obtained through microfluidizing techniques that can be used after chemical, mechanical, or electrolysis-based depilation. It is a complementary treatment that significantly inhibits hair growth.

Hair Growth Delayer bases its action on the selective destruction of germinative hair follicles. Unlike other products, which work abrasively, destroying skin cells and hair cells alike, Hair Growth Delayer performs targeted attacks focused exclusively on germinative hair follicles, showing a significant reduction in the frequency of depilation after 3, 6, and 9 months.