Polysorbate 20

Polysorbate 20 is an ethoxylated sorbitan ester, a popular non-toxic hydrophilic oil-in-water emulsifier, and solubilizer, allowing the dissolution of oils into water-based formulations without alcohol. Thanks to outstanding solubilizing properties, Polysorbate 20 (with HLB factor 16.7) allows combining lipophilic and hydrophilic compounds in a single formula. It is suitable for all types of applications and textures.


  • Emulsifies all types of oils and works in combination with lipophilic emulsifiers
  • Solubilizing agent for fat-soluble compounds and oily fragrances in continuous aqueous mediums (including make-up removers, gels, shampoos, etc.)
  • It can be used in a wide range of textures, from spray to butter
  • Provides lightweight-neutral feel

This preservative-free ingredient exhibited an excellent skin tolerance, including sensitive eye area.