Tribehenin is a triglyceride of behenic acid (triester of glycerin and behenic acid), a long chain fatty acid (22 carbon atoms in length) derived from natural raw materials like rapeseed oil. It is an FDA-approved food-grade ingredient used in skin care preparations to soften texture, improve the sensory profile, and manufacture solid formulations (lipsticks, antiperspirants) and anhydrous systems.

Providing a soft and pleasant feel, Tribehenin stabilizes emulsions and enhances the viscosity and richness of formulation. In addition, it is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin's cell membrane from oxidative or UV-induced damage scavenging free radicals. Tribehenin also improves spreadability, delivers even distribution and protection for active ingredients, and provides consistency that melts after contact with skin. Thanks to its valuable properties, it is used in superstar peptide complexes such as Maxi-Lip™ and Dermaxyl™ from Sederma.