Powered with triple-action lipopeptide Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl ester, Calmosensine™ leaves a significant anti-aging effect, boosting elastin production, mimic-muscle relaxation, and releasing precursor of endorphins (well-being hormones). This multifunctional ingredient improves skin comfort thanks to the first cosmetic active that mimics dipeptide Tyr-Arg naturally occurring in the skin, stimulating nerve cells to release met-enkephalin, an opioid neuromodulator that acts as a regulator for the senses.

Calmosensine™ is a scientific solution to improve the quality of life for sensitive skin. It modulates the dermal perception, reducing unpleasant feelings and improving the well-being prospect of the skin. Thanks to analgesic activity (release of met-enkephalin by nerve cell), cosmetic preparations containing lipopeptide reduce heat sensation, chemical stinging, and mechanical aggression.

Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl ester can block neural-muscular interactions and relax facial muscles, leaving a Botox-like effect (action like α-bungarotoxine, curare, or botulinum toxin) and reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles. Scientific studies showed that Calmosensine™ decreases the contractile frequency after 5 min of application, later (after two hours) completely blocks muscle contractions, exhibiting almost instant effect. This action is completely reversible, so there is no permanent damage to nerves, muscles, or synapses between them.

This functional peptide also boosts tropoelastin (a precursor of elastin) production by dermal fibroblasts, increasing elastin levels, and organization of fibers. As a result, it improves dermal elasticity and resilience, exposing younger-looking, supple, and smoother skin.

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