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Melanin originates from squid and is a dark pigment also produced by the human epidermis under the influence of UV light. There are different forms of those pigments (Melanins—eumelanin, pheomelanin, neuromelanin, and other modifications ), and "Melanin" is a general term describing substances that typically have the same function.

Melanin is the single most important factor in protecting skin from sunlight damage. It is not only a UV filter but also an antioxidant, terminating the harmful reactions of free radicals.

Free radicals inactivate the glucose oxidase enzyme. Melanin protects glucose oxidase from inactivation by free radicals, and at concentrations of 0.005 - 0.01%, it gives 80-100% protection of glucose oxidase from free-radical inactivation.

Linoleic acid spontaneously oxidizes to produce lipid hydroperoxides. A combination of 0.08% vitamin E and 0.02% Melanin inhibits lipid peroxidation 91% - this is 5 (synergistic) times more than either antioxidant alone, thanks to the potentiation effect.

Furthermore, Melanin protects against erythema, inflammation, lipid peroxidation, and UVA damage. It is the skin's natural protection against numerous environmental damaging factors. It is used in sun care, after-sun, and daily care products in a concentration range of 0.001- 0.5%.

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