Bitter ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet) extract

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Bitter ginger (Wild ginger or Zingiber Zerumbet)  is a tropical plant from the ginger family that grows up to 3.9 ft tall. Its extract is a natural anti-aging ingredient for body care applications, especially for legs.

Frost & Sullivan’s research shows that Zingiber Zerumbet is the first of its kind in the market targeted to provide anti-aging benefits for body care. Apart from enhancing beauty and comfort, it provides an additional advantage by reducing water retention, which is a common problem among women. It also improves adipose compression and microcirculation, thus increasing comfort for the legs. In addition, it retains the beauty and youthful look of the legs by inhibiting adipocyte maturation and reducing storage in the adipose tissue.

Environment-friendly production

The extraction process used in the manufacture of the wild ginger extract is environmentally friendly and does not release any harmful or toxic solvents into the environment. Its manufacturing process involves extraction through the supercritical carbon-di-oxide method. This supercritical CO2 requires a minimum quantity of plant material to extract the ingredient. Then, supercritical carbon dioxide is forced through the plants at high pressure, and water is sprayed to remove the extract.


The molecule extracted from ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger's anti-inflammatory property helps reduce the edema of the legs and act on the lipids stored in the legs. In Frost & Sullivan’s opinion, the uniqueness of this product is its water solubility, which allows it to be incorporated into different formulations like gels, emulsions, creams, sprays, and lotions.

Maintaining legs without stress, pain, and water retention is essential. Hence, it is also crucial for anyone to have healthy legs free from tiredness, water retention, and fatigue. Bitter ginger extract is an ingredient that benefits having gorgeous and stress-free legs for people of all age groups. According to Frost & Sullivan’s research, the benefit of Zingiber Zerumbet extract has been proved by several research studies conducted. In addition, there is scientific evidence to show that this product reduces the weight at the ankle, thereby acting as a stress relief agent.

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