Embelia Concinna Leaf Extract


Embelia Concinna is an endemic shrub from a high-altitude Malagasy forest. Malagasy name is Sirahazo or Tanterakala, which literally means "Forest Hug". Growing in higher UV conditions, Embelia species developed natural protection mechanisms and produce substances rich in flavonoids with antioxidant & radical scavenging properties.

Extracted from leaves of Embelia Concinna those substances have many beneficial biological activities on the skin especially for reactive or sensitive, including alleviation, soothing, and anti-inflammatory action.

Embelia Concinna titrated extract decreases histamine release from stimulated mast cells, alleviating the immune response. In addition, it lessens neuro-mediators (such as Substance P and CGRP) release under stress conditions, soothing irritated skin, and decreasing reactivity.

Thanks to the reduction of induced inflammation (decreasing prostaglandin E2 ) on neutrophils (PMNs) Embelia extract leaves a significant anti-inflammatory effect in a dose-dependent manner.



Active ingredients (or INCI)

Embelia Concinna Leaf Extract