Honeybush extract

Honeybush is not a single plant; it's a genus of 20 species called Cyclopia from the Fabaceae family. It used a famous beverage, a natural herbal caffeine-free tea, which leaves several beneficial effects. In traditional medicine, Honeybush is used to cure several conditions, including skin rashes, so its anti-inflammatory property has been known for centuries.

Besides anti-inflammatory action, scientists revealed its antioxidant, antimutagenic, phytoestrogenic, and antimicrobial effects. Rich in phenolic compounds such as Mangiferin, Hesperidin, Hesperetin, and Isosakuranetin with significant antioxidant activities, Honeybush extract protects the skin against damaging environmental factors, improves lipid barrier, and lessens signs of aging.

Clinical studies showed that Honeybush formulations improve skin surfaces smoothness, decrease scaliness and scavenge free radicals, leaving a significant synergistic anti-aging effect.

Active ingredients (or INCI)