Peony Extract

While still covered in dew, peony bushes (peonies) open their blossoms in the morning sun and spread their enchanting scent as it gets warm. This is due to the plant type‘s unique essential oils, which act as attractants for insects.

Besides its use in aromatherapy, mention must be made of its use in the area of fragrances. The scent of peonies is described as one that has soothing, sensual, sophisticated, fresh and floral, youthful, pure, spring-like, noble, feminine, and soft characteristics − luxurious qualities with an enticing bouquet.

Peony (Paeonia Lactiflora) root extract is a natural antioxidant that boosts skin clarity and fights hyperpigmentation.

The active ingredient Peoniflorin triggers mitophagy to optimize energy production, detoxifying cells from ROS (reactive oxygen species), making them more resilient to damage. Revitalises cells for anti-aging effect.

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