Tabasco (Capsicum Frutescens Fruit) Extract

Tabasco (Capsicum Frutescens; also known as wild chili pepper) is an annual plant and famous edible fruit used in culinary all around the world. In addition, thanks to the stimulating properties and heat sensation of capsaicin and capsaicinoids, wild chili paper has been used to treat arthritis, hair loss, and rheumatic pains for centuries.

Rich in vitamins, carotenoids, and vasoactive compounds, Capsicum Frutescens fruit extract is a perfect ingredient for skin, lip, and hair care preparations. It leaves a rubefacient and vasodilating effect, improving blood microcirculation, hair growth, skin renewal, and plumping lips.

Tabasco paper extract is an ideal ingredient for applications designed to treat the unaesthetic signs of cellulitis and massage products for rheumatism and activation of subcutaneous microcirculation. Besides stimulation, it moisturizes, reduces puffiness, and nourishes the skin, exposing a fresher, healthy, and radiant appearance.

Wild chili pepper contains oil solubilizing natural compounds and may act as an emollient and penetration enhancer, increasing the stability and effectiveness of the formulation. Аlthough it seems to be an irritating ingredient, in fact, Capsicum Frutescens has long lasing anti-inflammatory properties, soothing irritated and sensitive skin, and protecting from free radicals and UV-induced damaging influence.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it protects skin from harmful bacteria while prolonging the product's shelf-life and boosting preservatives in the formula. As a result, Tabasco extract is a multifunctional natural and safe (in recommended concentrations under 5%) ingredient for organic and high-end applications that refreshes, heals, and protects skin and scalp.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Vitamin B6

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