Polyamide-5 is a synthetic polymer in a fine powder form that has similar properties to Nylon-12 and is used as a softening and texturizing agent, performance enhancer, and oil (sebum) adsorbent. In addition, it improves the sensory profile of emulsions, providing a soft and smooth feeling.

In decorative cosmetics, Polyamide-5 enhances performance, evenly distributes pigments, and shortens the drying time. Furthermore, it is a perfect replacement for mineral talc in baby care applications. Thanks to the high surface area, Polyamide-5 can care for a vast amount of active ingredients and deliver via sorption and desorption mechanism.

It is chemically inert, has a low irritation profile, and can be used in eye and sun care applications. In addition, polyamide-5 can adsorb oils and excess sebum and is used in cleansing products and rinse-off masks.