HydroxypropylTrimonium Honey

HydroxypropylTrimonium Honey is a low molecular weight quaternary derivative of honey to keep its natural charm and make it practically non-sticky. It is a substantive humectant suitable for hair and skin for leave-on and rinse-off applications.

HydroxypropylTrimonium Honey softens and plasticizes skin, improving the feel and hair styleability. Chemical modification of natural honey potentiates and enhances its effectiveness by making it a far more powerful humectant than glycerin.

HydroxypropylTrimonium Honey is a low-viscosity liquid with 50% solids and a pleasant feel on skin and hair. Moisture Uptake studies showed that it has twice the moisturizing ability of glycerin. At use levels of 2 to 5 % in both rinse-off and leave-on skin and hair care formulations, it will make a consumer perceptible improvement to the formulation. Its low molecular weight enables HydroxypropylTrimonium Honey to penetrate to provide its moisturizing benefits over a more extended period.

The quaternization of the ingredient, in conjunction with the negative charge of human skin and hair, lends to the increased substantivity of HydroxypropylTrimonium Honey. It is an excellent humectant, binding environmental moisture to itself, thereby increasing the moisturization of skin and hair.

HydroxypropylTrimonium Honey helps to improve the wet-combability of the hair as it has a lubricating protective quality, which reduces the delipidation of the hair by anionic surfactants such as SLS and SLES. When dry hair is brushed or combed, it will help reduce and eliminate the static buildup, which makes hair challenging to control.

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