Skin aging is a progressive accumulation of damage, beginning at the molecular level within the dermal cells. Transition metals are one of the factors responsible for the formation of highly reactive and DNA-damaging species (free radicals). With age, the plasma concentration of transition metals (such as copper and iron) increases, and the body's ability to repair DNA damage decreases.

Through the Fenton reaction, copper ions generate free radicals such as ·OH, which can break DNA chains and cause DNA cross-linking. In addition, transition metals are involved in the generation of AGEs (advanced glycation endproducts), which also contribute to DNA damage during aging.

dGlyage® is a peptide-based multifunctional ingredient that prevents DNA structural changes triggered by transition metals. It complexes these metals, which catalyze different reactions producing various DNA lesions. Active tetrapeptide is micro-fluidized in liposomes with a reduced particle size, which improves delivery to the skin and enhances effectiveness.

Active ingredients (or INCI)