vitAlease 3.3

Regeneration booster

vitAlease 3.3 is a complex with high retinol levels (3.3 %) in wax capsules for every formulation. When formulating a cosmetic product with retinol, formulators face different challenges: first, increase the stability of retinol in cosmetic applications to prevent its degradation and maintain its effectiveness and, secondly, minimize the potential side effect of skin irritation.

Therefore, the carrier used for the administration of retinol plays a crucial role in solving these challenges. Wax capsules are the perfect delivery system for oil-soluble actives. Made of Brazilian natural carnauba wax, they have high entrapment capacity and resistance to temperature.

In vitAlease 3.3 is the perfect platform for retinol stabilization and delivery where both challenges are solved with the same delivery system that:

  1. Encapsulates an average concentration of retinol of 3.3% that allows formulations with high levels of active ingredients, 
  2. Keeps the active stable in the cosmetic,
  3. Penetrates and increases the bioavailability, releasing it over time and improving the skin's tolerance with a lower risk of irritation.