LS’Entielle Harmonie

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The Indian civilization is one of the oldest and richest in the world. A true melting pot of philosophies and religions, its influence extended far beyond its borders, through Buddhism and Hinduism but also yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. The predominant position of women can clearly be seen in religion, where half the Indian deities are feminine. Adorned with jewelry and flowers in their hair, the women reveal both a sweet and divine air through the radiance of their harmonious beauty.

In Hindu mythology, the concept of the woman refers to the notion of ‘half’. The man and the woman are two inextricable halves, the one indispensable to the other to achieve completeness by unifying. Keeping the couple together, the woman is also the guardian of its equilibrium. A mirror of the soul, her skin should be a reflection of her internal equilibrium and communicate this sensation of harmony.

Hedychium spicatum naturally grows in India. A common plant, it nevertheless is of great importance. Traditionally used during religious ceremonies, the essential oil extracted from its rootstock is applied to the bodies of the young married couple prone to stress, in order to calm them and bring them serenity during what is one of the most important events of their life.

By helping the skin to better support stress, LS’Entielle Harmonie contributes to reducing the negative effects of stress and allows it to maintain equilibrium and beauty. Hedychium Spicatum Extract is clear to slightly opalescent light yellow liquid, with a characteristic odor. Its cosmetic applications include:
  • Anti-stress and soothing products for the face and body
  • Calming serums for special occasions
  • Rebalancing SPA treatments
  • Active scents and toiletries
  • Hair masks and scalp massage treatments.

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Hedychium Spicatum Extract