Matrikines are skin messenger peptides that instruct skin cells to reorganize and re-assemble the extracellular matrix. There are a lot of synthetic matricaines usually in the form of lipo-peptides have been used in cosmetics.

Lipoid Kosmetik investigated and isolated the natural matricine-like compound from cedar nuts for the first time and launched an anti-aging complex called PhytoCodine®. It boosts the regeneration of the extracellular matrix, improving skin surface and texture, enhancing facial density and elasticity, and leaving a rejuvenating effect on mature skin.

Screening numerous plants using various criteria, Himalayan cedar was selected which seeds contained the best naturally derived material for matrixine-like peptides. As a raw material for  PhytoCodine® is utilized a wild-picked Himalayan cedar seed grown in the Siberian Taiga.

In addition to a matricine-like peptide that improves ECM components re-production, the formula of PhytoCodine® with a liposome delivery system and a natural Eleutheroside - a protease (protein destructing enzyme) inhibitor derived from Siberian Ginseng root. Those natural components help to deliver active cedar peptides to skin fibroblasts and protect them from breaking down by proteases.

Reaching fibroblasts, active peptides interact with receptors on the cell surface to activate signaling pathways boosting collagen and elastin production, improving skin elasticity and texture, and fighting against fine lines and wrinkles.