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Crude extracts from yeast have been used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications for a long time. However, glucan from yeast cell walls has been identified as a single immunologically effective component over the last decade.

Glucan is a poly-beta-(1→3) glucopyranose of high molecular weight and acts as a biological response modifier (BRM). Glucan extracted from yeast is a very potent stimulator of the nonspecific defense mechanisms of the host. Therefore, researchers have extensively studied the activity of glucan preparations in wound healing, infectiology, oncology, and dermatology.

CM-Glucan is modified from pure beta (1→3) glucan to carboxymethyl glucan (Sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan), a water-soluble ingredient suitable for topical applications. Multiple studies demonstrate that CM-Glucan is an effective agent in cosmetic and dermatological formulations, with potent antioxidant, protective, and cell growth-promoting effects.

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What are the cosmetic benefits of CM-Glucan?

Placebo-controlled studies showed that CM-Glucan activities on cultured skin cells left the following effects:

  • Sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan protects skin cells against the depletion of antioxidant molecules after UV-A radiation.
  • The pretreatment of skin with CM-Glucan provides substantial protection against skin damage caused by detergents.
  • It promotes the growth of keratinocytes and improves the renewal rate of the stratum corneum.
  • CM-Glucan shields skin lipids against oxidation induced by UV-A radiation.

This multifunctional ingredient is active at concentrations as low as 0.01-0.04%.

In a clinical study, the skin of 10 volunteers was challenged with UV-A radiation after five days of pretreatment with CM-Glucan. The effects of UV-A were monitored by analyzing the lipid peroxides in the skin. Application of 0.2% Sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan in an oil-in-water emulsion resulted in 95% protection against lipid oxidation, a result that could not be achieved with the best antioxidants.