Inositol is a powerful skin moisturizer and a substance that optimizes the skin's water-lipid barrier. Inositol molecules are incorporated into membrane lipids, enhancing the natural defenses of the skin. There are a number of studies that indicate the use of inositol for rosacea and eczema. That is why its emulsions are recommended by dermatologists for manifestations of rosacea and eczema. It does not deteriorate in the open air and under the influence of sunlight. Provides a mild moisturizing effect. The advantage of inositol is its resistance to oxidation by atmospheric oxygen.

Another important property is the ability to normalize the salt composition of the skin, including regulating the level of calcium salts. This property is most in-demand in the field of cosmetology since the imbalance of calcium salts causes rapid aging of the skin and the formation of premature wrinkles. Many cosmetic companies include Inositol in their age-related skin formulations.