Satsuma Mandarin Peel Extract

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The term clementines (mandarins) refers to both a citrus plant from the Rutaceae family and to its orange-colored fruit. The essential oil of the mandarin is contained in the skin of the fruit and is gained by means of cold pressing.

There are two different oils − the green and the red mandarin oil − each of which displays different characteristics:

  • The green oil is pressed from skins that have not yet ripened and are slightly tart.
  • The red oil, on the other hand, tend to be more on the sweet side and is gained from ripe fruit.

Mandarin scent provides fragrances with a gentle, fresh, and mild sweetness. It harmonizes particularly well with spicy and oriental compositions by providing these with a fruity and fresh touch. Mandarin scent promotes fantasy and creativity. It helps combat depression, tension, and nervousness and is associated with enhanced cheerfulness and relaxation as well as an increased spirit of adventurism.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

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