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Acetoin is a 3-Hydroxy-2-butanone small molecule ketone found in many edible fruits, berries, and vegetables. There are two options in the market synthetic and natural (obtained by bacterial fermentation). Synthetic acetoin is a clear colorless liquid. The natural variant is a clear yellow-green liquid. Both have a buttery, cream-like odor and are used as flavoring agents in the food and vape industries. For example, acetoin is used for flavoring margarine to make it taste like butter.

In personal care applications and perfumes, acetoin is used as a fragrance thanks to its pleasant odor with caramel notes, which masks unpleasant scents of other ingredients. In addition, it can serve as a carrier for some voilate aromas and flavors.

Acetoin is a well-studied and safe ingredient for skin, lip, hair, and body care preparations. In the human body, it oxidizes into carbon dioxide. It has GRAS status from FDA and passed numerous tests for safety, metabolism, and hypersensitization. Acetoin is a Kosher, Halal, Coeliac, and Vegan approved ingredient.

Acetyl Methyl Carbinol