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Acetophenone is the simplest aromatic ketone (Methyl phenyl ketone) structurally close acetone where one of the methyl groups is substituted with a phenyl group. It is a colorless, viscous liquid at room temperatures, used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals, and one of the classic aromatic carbonyl molecules for photochemical and spectroscopic studies.

Acetophenone and its derivatives especially in the form of chloroacetophenone are commercially important aromatic ketones used as tear gas, in warfare, as a fragrance, and as a flavor. It has a sweet pungent taste and orange-like odor. In medicine, it has been used as an anesthetic and against seizures, the drug was called Hypnone thanks to its hypnotic, analgetic, and narcotic effect in high concentrations.

As a flavor Acetophenone has an almond nuttiness, honeysuckle, and strawberry-like notes. It could also be used for perfume, cosmetics, vapes, household, and personal care products. It can be metabolized in the human body and there is no data on harmful effects in low concentrations used as a flavor or a fragrance in personal care products.

Acetophenone is a common ingredient in skin, body, and hair care products, used as a masking agent that covers the unpleasant scents of other ingredients, or is just a fragrance. It is also used in soaps, air fresheners, and detergents.
Methyl phenyl ketone