Octahydro-Tetramethyl-Methano-Cyclopentacyclopropabenzene-4-Methanol Formate

Masking agent
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Octahydro-Tetramethyl-Methano-Cyclopentacyclopropabenzene-4-Methanol Formate (Formoxymethyl isolongifolene) is a fragrance ingredient, a clear, pale yellow liquid or crystalline solid. It has a delicate woody-amber character odor, combining notes of cedarwood, vetiveryl acetate, clary sage, and orris.

Formoxymethyl isolongifolene has considerable potential throughout the entire perfumery spectrum, from alcohol preparation to modern soap and detergent fragrances, particularly in woody, spicy, and oriental types. It is compatible with a wide range of perfumery component materials and has marked fixative properties.

Octahydro-Tetramethyl-Methano-Cyclopentacyclopropabenzene-4-Methanol Formate has been evaluated in a variety of media for compatibility, stability of odor and color and, in the case of aerosols, also for freedom from corrosive effect and clogging of valves. These tests have shown that in the concentrations at which it is normally used, it is effective in fragrances for concentrates, toilet waters, aerosol and spray colognes, deodorant preparations, including aerosols and sticks, antiperspirant lotions and aerosols, aerosol hairsprays, cosmetic creams and emulsified lotions, talcum powders, soaps, shampoos, aerosol shaving foams, detergent powders (high and low foam types), liquid and paste detergents, liquid type fabric conditioners, gel and water-based air fresheners.

Although effective in terms of odor stability, with some shampoos containing relatively large amounts of Formoxymethyl isolongifolene a slight discoloration was apparent after three months of accelerated aging tests at 40°C. It is therefore recommended that it should be carefully evaluated in each proposed formulation.
Formoxymethyl isolongifolene
2,3b-Methano-3bH-cyclopenta[1,3]cyclopropa[1,2]benzene-4-methanol, octahydro-7,7,8,8-tetramethyl-, formate