Algogen is a natural, film-forming polymer derived from marine algae and native fish collagen. It is an opalescent, viscous liquid with anionic nature.

It is the first natural moisturizer to combine the unique moisturizing properties of native fish collagen and marine-derived algae extract. The fish collagen presented in Algogen is native, but depolymerized, which increases its affinity for substrates such as skin and hair.

The native fish collagen is immobilized via a complex with the algae extract, which is rich in polysaccharides and minerals. When incorporated into various cosmetic formulations, this unique complex of fish and other collagens and algae extract will form a thin, breathable film on the surface of the skin which decreases trans-epidermal water loss to improve skin hydration.

In addition, Algogen will stimulate epidermal thickening which will create an improved barrier against harmful environmental adulterants, such as micro-organisms, air pollution, and sun exposure. This complex ingredient is used in a wide variety of cosmetic preparations, including shampoos, liquid soaps, shower gels, bath gels, facial masks, creams and lotions.

Active ingredients (or INCI)

Film-forming agent
Penetration enhancer
Barrier enhancer