Coral Powder

UV filter
Abrasive agent

Coral Powder is a natural bio-active mineral, mainly constituted of Calcium Carbonate (part of calcareous rocks, inorganic skeletons of corals, marble, etc.), and the remaining amount of a unique oligo-elements combination that gives peculiar and unique characteristics. It is an extremely versatile powder for cosmetics use, a colored pigment for makeup, a strategic ingredient to combine biological activity, and improves the quality of makeup products (compact makeup powders, color cosmetics in emulsion form).

Besides Calcium Carbonate, a natural mineral Coral Powder is composed of Sodium and Magnesium minerals and trace elements such as Iron, Copper, Zinc, and Manganese. Such mineral composition background gives as a result a fine, and homogeneous pink powder with astounding cosmetic features, most of all as a filler.

The fillers used in aesthetic medicine work immediately, as they are injected directly into the area where the wrinkle is found. In cosmetics terms, the approach for a wrinkle filler is based on the use of a substance able to penetrate inside the wrinkle. Not only does this substance have to fill this area, but it also should be able to mimic the color of the skin and transmit the light through reflection (through the soft-focus effect) hiding immediately all the skin defects.

Coral Powder works on both factors as it transmits UV and Visible light more efficiently than other fillers (because of its superior surface contact with the light), and because of its natural pink tonality, blends very easily with the skin. The resulting natural illuminating action can be exploited both for makeup and anti-wrinkle purposes.

Thanks to nourishing action, Coral Powder boosts dermal fibroblast proliferation and activity leaving a significant anti-aging effect on the skin. It also improves keratinocyte maturation, migration, and renewal rate exposing a fresher, youthful, and radiant appearance.

Fillederm Red Power

In the cosmetics industry, the concept is quite the same as the Coral Powder, through its soft focus effect, gives the following benefits:

Immediate anti-wrinkle-like effect

It penetrates inside the wrinkle, filling it and reflecting the UV /Visible rays found in the atmosphere: the resulting transmitted light has a changed wavelength, which is reflected toward all the possible directions of the irregular area of the wrinkle; consequently the wrinkle is optically hidden since the first application.

Coral Powder works like medical fillers, but from a cosmetic standpoint, just focusing on the epidermis with a physical decorative effect.

Sober skin nuance

Coral powder is a pink powder: its typical color allows it to obtain a natural and classy covering effect that does not give the idea of a heavy, unnatural shade of color to the skin. The natural pink shade of this ingredient, after interacting with the UV and Visible light, assumes a lightened nuance that illuminates the skin giving a sculpting effect.

Soft focus agent

In comparison to the commonly used Silica Powders used as fillers in the Skin Care and Makeup industry, Coral Powder has a higher value of Superficial Area (measured value of 14.3 m₂/g through BET method). The superior superficial area of such powder in comparison with the other Silica powders used in cosmetics (whose value is around 9 m₂/g), increases the contact surface with the light, thus providing a more emphasized light transmission, and therefore a more performing action in comparison to the commonly used Mica, Nylon and Polyurethane (some of these ingredients also have synthetic origin).

The main cosmetic benefits linked to a good soft focus effect are the optical covering of the wrinkles and skin flaws like the dark circles in the peri-ocular area, and the appearance of the skin pores. Coral Powder significantly reduces the appearance of the dark circles and fills the wrinkles giving a compact look to the skin.

Skin surface brightening

A sculpting composition for illuminating effect: Coral Powder is mainly composed of Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Carbonate is a mineral with unique features; found, for instance, in the Calcareous Rocks, Marble, and Coral inorganic skeletons, it allows light to penetrate softly into each of such surfaces, giving them a unique luminosity. Because of these unique physical properties, marble has always been the top material used in sculpture art, just as well Coral is one of the most appreciated materials in the jewelry industry for its illuminated surface.

In the classical arts as well as in the fashion area, this mineral is therefore a synonym of top performances. The same concept is applicable to cosmetics, where the above trend is kept alive: the presence of such mineral composition, in fact, enhances the skin radiance through the result of the interaction of its minerals with the UV and Visible rays. The result of such interaction is the evening of the skin complexion and illuminating the cutis right after the first applications.

Anti-aging action

Fillederm Red Power boosts the production of epidermis keratinocyte cells with an increase of 22% in comparison to non-treated cells. Furthermore, in terms of protein synthesis increase, it is reported to have an action (comparable even to hormonal treatments carried with Protein synthesis inductors), with a registered increase of +39% compared to non-treated cells. This is a key action, as the aging skin cells tend to have a decreased metabolic action with a reduced protein synthesis. The Fillederm Red Power activity is likely ascribable to the increased intake of components like Magnesium, Calcium, and Zinc, which could promote an increase in the metabolism of the keratinocytes. Also, the minerals contained have a strong tendency to bind the water, so an additional moisturizing mechanism has to be taken into consideration.

This biological action carried out on the keratinocytes allows an increase of the skin firmness, and density and a resulting smooth after-feel, as shown in the graphic. These effects confirm one of the latest theories that took place in the skin cellular biology field: the keratinocytes are no longer to be intended as common “dead cells” laying on the surface of the skin and simply deriving from the maturation process of the low- er layers cells. They have to be considered like cells with a specific activity in different cellular processes, able to communicate with the lower skin layers and with a central role in events like the skin repairing process (like shown in specific studies, mentioned in the next page) In the above test, the use of Fillederm Red Power gave visible results with the increase of the skin firmness and smoothness, as a result of its bio-activity. One can claim, therefore, a Re-Plumping action along with Skin Firmness and Smoothness boosting.

One of the most surprising features of the Fillederm Red Power is its action in promoting the repairing process of the wounds on the skin epidermis; in vitro tests show, in fact, that when a keratinocyte cell model is subject to a wound, the treatment with Fillederm Red Power increases their speed of the migration and proliferation of the fibroblasts in comparison to the control (the migration is linked to a Keratinocytes phenotypic switch from their stationary to the migratory asset, with a consequent cytoskeletal reorganization that promotes the repairing process). The measurement has been carried out at three different times (t0, after 6 hours, and 24 hours).