Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate is a common name for sodium salts (monosodium, disodium, or trisodium citrate) of citric acid is used as a food-grade preservative. It is a multifunctional ingredient in skin and hair care applications valued for antimicrobial, therapeutic, pH regulating (alkalinizing buffering agent), and emulsifying properties.

Sodium Citrate is used in many dermatological preparations, including diabetic ulcer treatment, thanks to a wound healing effect. In addition, it accelerates skin recovery while preserving from bacterial infection. Sodium Citrate is also a preservative booster that allows formulators to minimize usage and concentrations of other preservatives.

It is a perfect source of citric acid involved in the Krebs cycle providing cells with energy, exfoliating, hydrating, and spreading up skin renewal rate. Furthermore, Sodium Citrate helps to emulsify and stabilize emulsions of some oils in water-based applications. In addition, it softens hard water, chelating calcium ions and enhancing the effectiveness of surfactants in cleansing formulations.

Derived from natural renewable raw materials, it is biodegradable, easy metabolizable, and a safe ingredient suitable for all types of skin and hair care products.